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      300 Miles to Pigsland
      Well this is a game that suggests it is a kids type of a game right from the first impression you will get from the game. Those colors, so live and childish, painted in a extremely colorful and cartoonish style, everything suggest that this is a very childish game but that doesn’t have to mean that this game is to be played by kids only! You can actually enjoy this game even if you happen not to be a kid! The title of the game is 300 Miles to Pigsland and that means that you will be in the role of this poor piggy, 300 miles away from its home. So, you’ll have to be sorry for the little piggy and help him in this game. So, pass through every challenge on the road to home and help the piggy reach there alive! Can you do that? Some controls for playing this game are locked and what you need to know from the start of the game is that to be able to jump, you will need to press Z or the left mouse click.

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