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      Plazma Burst
      Plazma Burst, such a name for a game! And it would be wrong if it was only the name that makes this game so unique, enjoyable and special. This game for sure holds a lot more in itself than only the name! It can be best described as a one player arcade shooting flash type of games and it's completely free, intended for all of you to taste pure fun and action! It's a shooter game in which you need to win money to be able to buy and use some extra weapons! To get to the controls used for playing this game, first to mention that you need to use the arrow keys from the keyboard to be able to move in this game. To aim and shoot, you must use the mouse. Rotate and select from the palette of weapons pressing the numbers from 1-9. By entering a key, you will be able to cast a grenade! All in all, a great and enjoying fighting game!

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