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      Arcane Online Mystery Serial 8
      Episode 8 of the mystery of the stone circle! Gregor Prescott and returning from the monastery through the eyes of the demon, telling which are the remains of the terrible Shub-Niggurath. There is only one way to finally kill this daemon: assemble the various parts of his body in the middle of the circle of stones of Stonehenge, Shub place where he made his first appearance... In the beginning only chaos existed, and the old ones ruled over the entire universe. But as eaons passed new gods came into existince and an Epic struggle followed, and the Great ones were stricken down and banished beyond the frontiers of the universe. Rage has consumed these great ancients ever since, and they have only one obsesion, restrore their reign of chaos. Play as a one of the detectives and gather all clues and solve the mystery!

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